5 Reasons Pet Owners Are Obsessed With This Weird Viral Gift

Videos Of Pet Owners Reacting To This Gift Has Gotten Millions Of Views Online


Pet owners are getting a new exciting gift that shows off their pet in a way that’s never been seen before.

It’s a style of pet art that combines a unique drawing of their pets into one of the most popular animations ever created.

This style of pet drawing has captured attention to over millions of people online!


Poke Pet Shop is an online company who’s artists completely transform any animal into a Pokefy’d trading card.

These cards can be fully customized with the pets names, HP Stats, and personal messages.

Pet owners can even request their pet to be drawn with any powers or unique poses.

It’s been the go-to gift giving option for thousands of people every year, and is GUARANTEED to get an incredible reaction out of any pet lover.

Here are 5 reasons why you should gift a Poke Pet card to your favorite pet own this holiday season:

1. The Most Fun Ways To Show Off 

Every pet owner ever wants to show off their baby at any given moment. Giving them a customized PokePet card will allow them to do it in a way that’s fun and actually engaging. They’re going to forever love their gift.


2. ANY Pet Can Be Drawn

Whether it’s a cat, dog, fish, parrot, raccoon, or even an ant, Poke Pet Shop can draw them. What about multiple pets in one card? Yep. Get all of the pets drawn together.


3. Fully Customizable Gift

Since Poke Pet has actual artists to draws these pets, you can request these pets be drawn in any specific ways. Does your dog wear a hat that you’d like to be drawn on? Would you prefer your cat to be drawn in their funny sitting pose? Even feel free to request your pets to have super powers!


4. Multiple Ways To Show It Off

The best part of this gift is showing it off. Poke Pet Shop offers these designs in a small metal card or a bigger sized canvas. The metal card is great because it’s the size of a normal trading card and is great to carry around in the wallet and show it off to new people. The canvas option is great if you want a space in your house to show off the design like a desk or on the wall!


5. You'll Get The Best Reactions

Best part of giving someone a gift is their genuine reaction to it. We want that person to feel that we went out of our way to think about them and give them something personal. Videos of people reacting to these custom cards have actually gone viral on TikTok with over millions of views! Stand out from the rest of the crowd and give your pet owner friend the gift they won't forget. Get started now!