Thousands Of People Are Gifting This Unique “Poké” Style Drawing For Christmas, And The Reactions Are Hilarious

See why this gift has gone viral online with millions of views!


The holiday season is approaching, and thousands of people are surprising their friends and family with a gift that's sparking hilarious reactions. This fresh and exciting present showcases them and even their pets in a novel and amusing way.


It's a unique art style that transforms people and pets into characters from one of the most beloved animations ever.

Capturing the attention of millions online, this art style is a viral sensation!

Enter Poke Pet Shop: an innovative online company whose artists skillfully turn any animal into a “Pokefy’d” trading card.

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These one-of-a-kind cards are customizable with names, stats, and personal messages. Customers can even request special powers or unique poses for their drawings.

Poke Pet Shop offers these creations in two formats: a small metal card or a larger canvas. The metal card, the size of a standard trading card, is perfect for carrying in a wallet and showing off to friends. The canvas option is ideal for those who want to display their unique design at home, be it on a desk or a wall.

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The efforts in these drawings haven't gone unnoticed. Videos of people reacting to these custom cards have actually gone viral on TikTok with over millions of views!

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Consistently a popular gift choice, these cards are a surefire hit with any Poké fan and are guaranteed to elicit incredible reactions.

Here are 3 cool ways Poke Pet Shop can create a personalized Poke Pet Card for that special someone this holiday season:

1. Get Their Pet Drawn on a Classic Poke Pet Style Metal Card or Canvas: Spotlight your pet’s superpowers and their unique personality. Simply upload a photo of the pet, add their names, HP, and any customized text.

officialreesespup-2022-10-19-instagram-Cj5ZGTvOpLF-post.jpg__PID:0e7a2221-a383-4ea2-8b46-8accc3edde79Check out the Pokécard

2. Get You and Your Partner Drawn!: Poke Pet Shop isn’t just for pets. They also offer romantic couple-style cards. Upload a photo with your partner, include your names, and add a sweet message. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or a charming Christmas present!

N1WLcaUf6_mid.jpg__PID:753752cc-5608-4874-94ca-e0ebda074210Check Out the Custom Couple Card

3. Poke Dad Cards for the Poké Fan Dad: Surprise your dad with his very own Poke Dad card, featuring him and all his loved ones, pets included! Add a personalized message to remind him why he’s your superhero.

4ysDxnpc3_mid.jpg__PID:dc5dc280-a269-466f-8e31-5521751cc125Check out the Pokédad card

Though it’s called Poke PET Shop, there's something for everyone – from poke pet styles for friends to couple cards for your partner, or even a poke dad card for family. Whatever you choose, you're sure to see amazing reactions from your loved ones. Start creating your unique gift today!